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Yaeyama Notebook 2024 Edition

Yaeyama Notebook 2024 Edition

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A diary for living in Yaeyama Yaimanukiimukukuru (The Heart of Yaeyama)

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the Yaeyama Techo. Since its first publication in 1987, it has been loved and well-received by the people of Yaeyama.

It's packed with information essential for island life. Please use it however you like, whether that be for managing your schedule, keeping a diary, or as an idea book.

A great book that contains a wealth of practical data about Yaeyama!

The Yaeyama calendar (traditional events, etc.), tide tables, and Yaeyama telephone directory (government agencies, tourism-related, etc.) are useful for research and travel planning.
The cover, which changes every year, uses patterns from Minsa weaving and Yaeyama Jofu to ensure that you always feel close to Yaeyama.

Flip the cover over to reveal a different pattern. You can enjoy two different patterns in one book.

[How to replace the cover]
1. Remove the notebook body and cover from the transparent cover.
② Turn the cover over and fit it into the notebook body.
③ Place the notebook body and cover into the transparent cover.

Easy to see and neat! Monthly schedule in block format

・Annual calendar
For the three years from the previous year to the following year (2023 to 2025)

- Tide table (data from the Japan Hydrographic Association (Ishigaki Port standard)

・Annual schedule
Sundays and holidays at a glance

Weekly schedule

- Packed with information on the Yaeyama Islands, including the Rokuyo, the Ten Heavenly Stems and the Twelve Earthly Branches, and the full and waning moon.

- Easy-to-read statistical data

All the data about Yaeyama, from the population of each island to the names of the champions of the Tubarama Tournament, is listed in a table. You don't have to look it up, just open your notebook and you'll see it all at a glance!

Easy-to-read, practical data

It's easy to use and packed with useful information for your daily life. Use it right away when you want to send a Yu-Pack or when you want to know the opening hours and closing days of public facilities!

It contains useful information to have in case of an emergency, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the locations of major AEDs, dangerous marine creatures, heat stroke, reef currents, and what to do if you are bitten by a snake.

"Preparing for disasters" page that will come in handy in times of emergency

It is useful in emergencies, such as a checklist of emergency items to take with you in case of a disaster and a list of evacuation sites.

・Garbage sorting chart
We have also posted garbage sorting charts for Ishigaki City, Taketomi Town, and Yonaguni Town.

Food calorie chart
Calories of over 200 items, recommended daily intake, etc.

Yaeyama Calendar
Traditional events based on the lunar calendar, annual event schedule, etc.

Yaeyama Map
Circumference, population, and number of households for each island

Yaeyama History Timeline
History from the beginning to 2021, Top 10 news stories of 2022

Yaeyama Telephone Directory
From government agencies, schools, and hospitals to stores for daily life

Comments from users of the Yaeyama Notebook

●It was easy to use, so I bought it again this year, just like last year. As always, the enthusiasm of everyone at Nanzansha is apparent in this planner, and just having this planner on hand makes Yaeyama feel very close to me. Local information is written very realistically, and my knowledge of Yaeyama has deepened even further. This year's cover (minsaa) is based on white, which gives it a very cool look. While there are many planners with similar designs in the world, this is a unique and charming gem. I'm looking forward to using it every day for a year. I recommend it not only to people who love Yaeyama, but also to people who love Okinawa.

This is the third book I've bought since my husband bought it in Okinawa. It's hard to go to Okinawa these days, so it's good to be able to buy it online. It looks easy to use.

●My family lives in Ishigaki and the Yaeyama Islands. I visit them once a year, but I feel very lonely when I go home. To ease my loneliness, I searched for something that would tell me about Yaeyama events, and I found the Yaeyama Notebook. The Minsa pattern on the cover of the notebook really brings out the Yaeyama feel, and I'm really happy about it.

●The notebook was filled with detailed information about Yaeyama, and it was full of local love.

●The contents of the planner are easy to use, and, as you would expect from a local Yaeyama publisher, it is packed with local information, giving me 120% satisfaction. This is the first planner I've ever seen made with such care, and it's a real eye-opener for Yaeyama lovers. It's a planner that was made with the passion of the Nanzansha staff. The cover is also designed with Minsa weaving, so it's a very well-thought-out item. I will use it every day for work, so I will treasure it. I highly recommend it.

●Easy to see and use.

●I received the Yaeyama Notebook 2019 Edition as a gift from a friend and have started using it. It is compactly organized with haiku, tide tables, phases of the moon, etc., but it gives me energy. The reversible cover is also ingenious and has a very good design.

●The Yaeyama notebook arrived safely. It's a lovely deep green color. I'm looking forward to using it. Thank you very much.

●I am grateful to have started using it from today. I will treasure it for a long time. Sorry to bring up the Yaeyama Techo from before, but I love the poem below that was published on the November calendar page of the 2015 edition, and I copied it out (I don't understand the Yaeyama dialect, so I liked it after seeing the meaning of the poem) and have it on display in my room.

What is the meaning of "Anguyun"?
Thank you very much
Fukumutei Narinsa
Fukumutei Narinsa
There are many other treasures scattered throughout the planners, and I often reread them later and make new discoveries, so I've been keeping the previous planners as permanent editions. I'm really looking forward to what I'll discover in the 2018 edition. Thank you as always for creating such a wonderful planner.

●The long-awaited Yaeyama notebook has arrived! The moment I opened it, I couldn't help but smile! I'll read it slowly after my daughters go to bed.

This is a gift for someone from Ishigaki Island. I'm looking forward to it.

●It's packed with local information, including Okinawa and Yaeyama events. The reversible cover is also great! I've already written down my plans for my trip to Yaeyama. Of course I'll take it with me on my trip! The Yaeyama Notebook makes me feel like Yaeyama is always close to me. Thank you so much!

●My first trip to Yaeyama was a wonderful memory. I plan to use this planner to plan my next trip.

●I'm using the Yaeyama Techo in CC size for this year's planner. For the monthly schedule, I write my work shifts and private schedule, and for the weekly schedule, I write a one-line diary of the day. Writing down how I felt that day, what made me sad, and what I enjoyed is very useful later. My friend is using it as a simple household account book. I'd be happy if the Yaeyama information was removable. Being from Kansai, I don't use the Yaeyama information every day. I want to take it with me when I travel to Yaeyama, so I want to make my bag as light as possible when I commute to work on crowded trains, and I wish the Yaeyama information was removable every day.

●I hope I can write down lots of Yaeyama-related schedules in my notebook!

●I bought the Yaeyama notebook! I like both covers!

●It described what had happened in Yaeyama on that day in the past, and I immediately became engrossed in reading it (laughs).

●I fell in love with a certain island in the Yaeyama Islands, and since I think I'll be going there more often in the future, I bought this book to help me with things like tides!!! The cover design is also very nice, with my favorite Minsa pattern. I think I'll buy this every year from now on.

I bought the Yaeyama Techo at the Ginza Washita Shop. Looking at my bookshelf, this is the seventh one I have. I was fascinated by Yaeyama, and started visiting Yaeyama, and my memories of Yaeyama are always with the Yaeyama Techo.

●Today, I ordered a planner. I look forward to it every year. It's been about three years since I last visited, but every year I look at my planner and think, "This year is the year...!!" (laughs)

Yaeyama Notebook (Large) CC size
Price: 1,650 yen (tax included
Dimensions: 204mm x 146mm (A5 size)
Number of pages: 256

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