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No.322 Monthly Yaima May 2021 issue

No.322 Monthly Yaima May 2021 issue

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Special feature: "Taiwan's 228 Incident and Yaeyama"

The February 28 Incident occurred in Taiwan in 1949, when the Nationalist government from mainland China suppressed the local residents.
Even after Japanese rule ended with the end of the war, the victims from Yonaguni, who continued to commute between Taiwan and Yonaguni Island, have still not been recognized as victims of the incident.
A report by Yoshitaka Matsuda, a freelance journalist based in Taiwan, following the families of the victims.

This special feature touches on the February 28 Incident.
In addition to the study tour in the magazine, we will introduce 7 books for you to read. Let's learn about the historical issues in the small border town of Yaeyama.

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