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No.323 Monthly Yaima June 2021 issue

No.323 Monthly Yaima June 2021 issue

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Special feature: "Ryutaro Goes to the Islands: Values ​​and Colors"

The project involves Ryutaro Kaneshiro, who is campaigning for a local referendum on Ishigaki Island, interviewing people who live there.

The present and future of the island, hopes for the island, what can be done for the island, what people want to do on the island, and even going further, what is needed to deal with the news about the Senkaku Islands, the plans to deploy the Ground Self-Defense Force on Ishigaki Island, and the resulting rifts and divisions in human relationships, and what are your thoughts on this?

From speaking with six high school students and five people involved in various activities, Ryutaro saw a different "shining color" for each.

"One color will not overshadow the other," he said, describing the colorful island throughout the interview.

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