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Tarzan of Iriomote

Tarzan of Iriomote

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What is happiness for humans?

A teacher nearing retirement, tired of city life, decides to take a bold step and heads to the depths of Iriomote Island, a subtropical island in the middle of Japan.

There was Keiyu-jii, also known as "Tarzan of Iriomote."

In nature, with nature, as nature is

Keiyu-ji lives alone in a remote area.
There was something important there that is missing from modern education and social conventions.

Kohei Mizuta

Born in Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture in 1941.
From 1964 to 2001, he was an art teacher at a junior high school in Kobe.
He is now retired and makes a living by cultivating a small plot of land, fishing in the nearby sea, and painting ink paintings.
In the summer, I feel like going to Iriomote Island and enjoying camping there for a month or two.

Author and illustrator: Kohei Mizuta Specifications: B6 size, 417 pages Publisher: Nanzansha

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