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Drifting Death off the coast of Yonaguni -I will definitely come back alive-

Drifting Death off the coast of Yonaguni -I will definitely come back alive-

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Sunshine in my heart, a song on my lips

The Yusei Maru (23.21 tons), a cargo and passenger ship on the Yonaguni Island route, took on water and sank on January 18, 1957, about 12 miles off the coast of Yonaguni Island, northwest of Iriomote Island (123°18'E longitude, 24°27'N latitude). There are clear records (radio communications, rescue efforts, etc.) of the ship's sinking from the time it departed Ishigaki Port until the survivors were rescued by the Taiwanese warship "Taikang 21".
The most important thing for people to live is, first and foremost, to protect their own life, and at the same time, to fight to protect all lives as much as possible.
I would be extremely happy if this book, which I have rewritten to include opinions from surviving family members, my friends, and other related parties, can in some way help prevent accidents at sea or prevent casualties.

Iramina Kokichi

Born in Shinkawa, Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture in 1937.
After graduating from Yaeyama High School, he worked as a temporary teacher in Yonaguni and Ishigaki, and then joined Myojo Foods Co., Ltd. He later graduated from Hosei University.
He holds a license to teach Yaeyama classical music Amuro-ryu and Ryukyu classical music Afuso-ryu, and was recognized as a holder of the Yaeyama classical folk song skills designated as an intangible cultural asset by Okinawa Prefecture in 1999. He currently runs an Okinawan music sanshin class in Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, and is spreading the appeal of Yaeyama music both in Japan and overseas.

Author: Iramina Takayoshi Specifications: 194 pages, 46-size

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