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Island Handicrafts - A Journey through Yaeyama Dyeing and Weaving -

Island Handicrafts - A Journey through Yaeyama Dyeing and Weaving -

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I live an island where everything is connected and complete, and because I'm here, I continue to do handicrafts every day.

People who lived on the islands, mastered the dyeing and weaving techniques that are so deeply rooted in the land, or used them to make a living, or for the sake of their beloved families, and worked silently to make ends meet.
Every word these people say is full of meaning. The author accurately picks out these precious words and lets them speak of the essence of Yaeyama's dyeing and weaving culture.
The story speaks of life in casual words, and makes people think about the meaning of living. (From the Nanzansha Yaima Culture Award Selection Committee Commentary)

Yasumoto Chika

Born in Tokyo in 1965. Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin Women's Junior College, Department of Child Education, in 1986. Worked as a kindergarten teacher and nursery teacher before moving to Iriomote Island in 1998. Published "Sabani, the Boat that Opens the Tide" (Nanzansha) and co-authored "The Complete Works of Minsa" (edited and published by the Azamiya Minsa Memorial Project Committee).

Author: Yasumoto Chika
Specifications: A5 size, hardback, 384 pages Publisher: Nanzansha

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