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Southern Island Herbs

Southern Island Herbs

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Island Herbs is an interesting practical book, but it's not a dictionary; I've never seen a book about herbs like this one.

The author, Takanashi Hiroko, was born in Sonai, Yonaguni Island.
Influenced by my grandmother, who was an expert in using medicinal herbs and Chinese herbal medicines, I have been interested in plants day and night since I was old enough to understand.
Island herbs have always been a part of her life, walking with her through joy and sorrow, and now herbs have become her livelihood.
This book introduces 337 types of herbs found on the island, with botanical illustrations and photographs.
This book is packed with unconventional modern recipes, old-fashioned ways to use ingredients, columns, and more!

Yoko Takenishi

Born in Sonai, Yonaguni Island in 1954. Herbs have always been a part of her life, due in part to her grandmother, who was a natural user of medicinal herbs and traditional Chinese medicine. In 2000, she noticed that herbal culture was being lost, and began to seriously engage in herbal activities as a way to nurture life. She has been involved with the Ishigaki City Association for Nurturing Medicinal Herbs and Herbal Culture since its inception, and is dedicated to spreading the word about the uses and applications of herbs to the local community.
Their knowledge of herbs and their tireless curiosity have attracted attention from all quarters, and their activities cover a wide range, including herb events, regional revitalization, joint product development, and instruction in herb processing techniques.
In 2017, Ishigakijima Pepper Farm, where he serves as CEO, was certified as the production process manager for six organic processed foods. He is actively working to preserve the health benefits of the island's herbs for future generations. He is also focusing on developing organic products.

Author: Yoko Takanishi Publisher: Nanzansha Publication date: February 14, 2018 Format: A5 size, full color Number of pages: 308 pages

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