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Continuing to Remember: A Collection of Yaeyama Paintings and Essays by Tetsuro Shimojima

Continuing to Remember: A Collection of Yaeyama Paintings and Essays by Tetsuro Shimojima

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This is the story (picture collection) of the author's family's intense year living in Kabira, Ishigaki Island from 1976 to 1977. Through their interactions with the nature and villagers of the Yaeyama Islands, they were confused, surprised, and moved, and grew in ways that would have a profound impact on their lives thereafter.

This is a collection of illustrated texts by the author, who has produced many masterpieces of children's literature based on storytelling, and in it he himself plays the main character, like a picture book for adults.
The book's bold illustrations and overflowing text filled with gratitude for Yaeyama are sure to warm the reader's heart forever, just like the soft, warm white glow of the radishes that the anonymous villagers quietly left in the author's home when he was away.

Tetsuro Shimojima

Born in Nagano Prefecture. Non-fiction writer.
From 1976 to 1977, he lived in Kabira, Ishigaki Island, and recorded his experiences.
In 1983, he participated in the "Drawing Okinawa: Tetsuro Shimojima Picture Book Illustrations Exhibition" in Hirakata, Osaka, Naha, and Ishigaki Island. In 1983, he investigated the mass suicides at Chibichirigama in Yomitan Village, Okinawa.
His books include "Yon's Road," "Nosoko Marpe," "The Villagers of the Sea" (Rironsha), "Akanar, Child of the Moon" (Iwasaki Shoten), "The Sea Where Stardust Comes" (Shin Nihon Shuppansha), "The Vanished Okinawan Female Factory Workers - Following a Single Photograph," "Pigs and Okinawan Independence" (Miraisha), "The Day the South Wind Blows - The Mass Suicide of Yomitan Village, Okinawa," "Me and the Banyan Tree" (Doshinsha), "American Treason" (Kodansha; winner of the Kodansha Nonfiction Award and nominated for the Oya Award), "The 100-Yen Lighter: Red on a White Background" (Shakai Hyoronsha; winner of the Asahi Journal Nonfiction Grand Prize), "A Gift from Japan" (Kodansha; winner of the Playboy Document File Grand Prize Special Award), "Survival - The War at Chibichirigama, Okinawa" (Shobunsha), "The Mass Suicide at Chibichirigama, Okinawa" (Iwanami Booklet), "Is Peace Boring? - 500 Days of Former Himeyuri Students and Young People" and "The Survivors of Unhappiness - Mass Suicide from Saipan to Manchuria" (Iwanami Shoten), among many others.

Story and illustrations: Tetsuro Shimojima Specifications: B5 size, 72 color pages Publisher: Nanzansha

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