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No.318 Monthly Yaima December 2020 issue

No.318 Monthly Yaima December 2020 issue

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Special feature: "Firewood-fired pottery: Ishigaki Island's climbing kilns"

The special feature is "Ishigaki Island's Climbing Kilns: Pottery Created by Firewood Flames." Pottery is made by kneading clay and firing it in a kiln. Climbing kilns and anagama kilns use firewood as fuel, but they are often very difficult to make and have become rare.

Ishigaki Island is home to the only climbing kiln in the Yaeyama Islands, which was lit in June this year. We will introduce the firing process, which was carried out in cooperation with the kiln owner, Watanabe Yutaka (Kabira-yaki Rinka), and everyone who came to support him.

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