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No.328 Monthly Yaima November 2021 issue

No.328 Monthly Yaima November 2021 issue

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Special feature "Welcome to our Hatoma Island"

We bring you photos of Hatoma Island taken by photographer Tsuneo Yamashita. Hatoma Island has been used as a filming location for many movies, such as the documentary "Goodbye, Our Southern Island" and the TV drama "Ruri no Shima" due to its beauty.

Before COVID-19, nearly 5,000 people, about 100 times the population, visited this small island with a population of about 50 people. On Hatoma Island, there is a facility called "Tsubasa Dormitory." This is a student dormitory used by students who use the Hatoma Island Study Abroad Support System, and it seems that children from various places gather here in search of rich nature and healing.
Let's take a look at daily life on Hatoma Island, which is a little different from the other Yaeyama Islands.

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