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No.334 Monthly Yaima June 2022 issue

No.334 Monthly Yaima June 2022 issue

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"War of the Maidens (3) Setsucchan Oba's 'War'"

We spoke with Yamazato Setsuko, chairperson of the "Association of Older Women Protecting Lives and Livelihoods."

In the Yumi War, a ninja is captured
I can't stand it anymore. I'll be back soon.
(The other half of the family has yet to see the end of the war, having lost their family to the hateful war.)

Yes, tomorrow is going to be a good day
I'm going to die soon, I'm going to smell bad in the morning.
(Are you trying to light a fire of war at the foot of Mt. Omoto and create a playground behind Mt. Maese?)

From [Setsuko Oba's Tubarama]

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