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No.335 Monthly Yaima July 2022 issue

No.335 Monthly Yaima July 2022 issue

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"The World Natural Heritage Site of Iriomote Island and the Treasures of the Islanders"

"I have been to Iriomote Island frequently for reporting for about 14 years since twenty-odd years ago. When I was preparing to leave, there was one thing I always had to do. No matter what the day was, I never forgot my rain gear. Even if Ishigaki Island was sunny, it was never the same on Iriomote Island.

In terms of weather, this island is independent of the Yaeyama Islands. When viewed from Ishigaki Island, there are always clouds in the sky. That is part of the depth of this island.

One year has passed since Iriomote Island was registered as a Natural World Heritage Site. Author, Nagaresugi Kazuyuki, shares his perspective on what needs to be done to protect the nature of Iriomote Island and the Yaeyama Islands.

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