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No.341 Monthly Yaima January/February 2023 issue

No.341 Monthly Yaima January/February 2023 issue

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" Yanumaru Roundtable Discussion -Taketomi Island Story-"

We invited seven people aged between 81 and 93 to talk about the time they spent on Taketomi Island, where they were born before the war.
"It was precisely because we were poor that we had to work so hard. I couldn't find the energy to do my best unless I was in a good mood."
*Taijusai (strong competitive spirit)
This is a feature packed with content, featuring conversations in Teedunmuni (Taketomi dialect).
He also talks about the circumstances that led to the creation of the Taketomi Dialect Dictionary (written by Mae Shin Toru), which won the 59th Kikuchi Kan Award.

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