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No.345 Monthly Yaima June 2023 issue

No.345 Monthly Yaima June 2023 issue

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" Tari Chiyoki, Living on an Island" - Now is the time for "Yonaguni's Vision for Independence"!

When the topic of whether the three Yaeyama cities and towns would merge in the "Heisei Great Merger" came up, Yonaguni held a referendum among junior high school students and above and chose not to merge.
The island then formulated a "Yonaguni Vision for Independence" and dreamed of regaining its former prosperity through exchanges with Taiwan. However, the country did not allow this. ... (omitted)
Mr. Tasato was the project manager when the vision was formulated.
I wanted to hear his story. (Haino Akira)

Special feature Haino Akira

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