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No.350 Monthly Yaima November 2023 issue

No.350 Monthly Yaima November 2023 issue

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" Plants of Yonaguni Island "

Yonaguni Island is home to flora and fauna that have evolved in their own way over the course of many years. The people who live there have also built their own culture that is adapted to the island's climate and continues to pass it on to the present day. Both the nature and culture are unique, so it doesn't really seem right to lump it all together as Yaeyama.

Among the plants on Yonaguni Island, there are endemic species and subspecies that exist only on Yonaguni Island on the planet. There are also plants that are distributed in areas south of Taiwan, but whose distribution stops on Yonaguni Island. If you want to see these plants, you have no choice but to visit Yonaguni Island.

I would like to introduce the unique plant life of Yonaguni Island, incorporating various stories into the story.

Special feature: Minoru Muramatsu

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