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Portraits of the second generation of atomic bomb survivors

Portraits of the second generation of atomic bomb survivors

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A photo collection featuring the honest, genuine faces and messages of second-generation atomic bomb survivors who are facing the experience of their parents' atomic bombing and searching for their own path, even while feeling lost.

"Living with dignity as the second generation of atomic bomb survivors is a way of giving back to our parents, who were atomic bomb survivors and gave birth to us without succumbing to fear and prejudice. I want to convey hope, not anger and anxiety, to the next generation."

For the atomic bomb survivors, August 6th and 9th are just the beginning.
Although their entire lives are connected to "Pika," only a handful of atomic bomb survivors are able to become storytellers and share their experiences with many people. For the second generation of atomic bomb survivors, it can be said that growing up with the inexpressible feelings of their parents' "did not" or "could not" talk about the bombing was a formative experience.
History will disappear if there is no will to pass it on. Unfortunately, less than half of the second generation heard about the atomic bombing experiences directly from their parents, and in some cases, it was only discovered that their parents had been exposed to the bomb after their death. The parents worry that "something might happen to their children because of their exposure to the bomb," while the second generation worry that "it might remind their parents of the painful experiences of the past," and I felt the difficulties that come with being such a close family.
However, there is little time left for the survivors to talk about their experiences. I feel that the important role that second generation survivors must play is to use this photo book to first convey the reality of the bombing to their families, and then pass it on to the next generation in their own words.
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