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"Closing while opening" - Understanding the island's culture and translating it into architecture -

"Closing while opening" - Understanding the island's culture and translating it into architecture -

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Architectural essays that give hints for comfortable island living

Humidity, wind, light, soil...
How do architects in Miyakojima, Okinawa "read" the local climate?
A house that is both closed and open, in harmony with nature.

How can it be opened to let in cool breezes to stay cool in this humid environment, and how can it be closed to protect against violent typhoons?
Our predecessors have solved the contradictory problem of "opening and closing at the same time." We would like to inherit the accumulated wisdom they have built up and apply it to modern home construction. (From the text)

What are the hints for a comfortable life that the author has discovered while working as a first-class architect on the island of Miyakojima, Okinawa for many years?
If you know this, you will surely see the environment around you in a different light. "Part 1: Thoughts on the Island" is a compilation of essays published during the island's life, and "Part 2: Creating on the Island" is a collection of lectures. The lectures are specialized and easy to understand, with plenty of diagrams and photos.

Toshiko Ishimine

Born in Hirara, Miyakojima in 1948. Graduated from Nara Women's University, Department of Housing. After working at Asai Sekkei, GK Industrial Design Institute, Ueno Yuji Architectural Design Office, and Tokyo Polytechnic University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture, she opened the Ishimichi Toshiko Architect Office in Miyakojima in May 1978. She is a member of the Japan Institute of Architects Okinawa Branch and the Okinawa Prefectural Association of Architects Miyako Branch.
[Major designs] Baba Housing Complex, Municipal Housing Complex, Okinawa Prefectural Housing Complex, Environmentally Friendly Housing Prototype Urban-type, Suburban-type designs, Housing, etc.
[Major awards received] HOPE Grand Prize, Special Award for the 20th Anniversary of the HOPE Plan, Regional Housing Plan Encouragement Award, etc.

Author: Toshiko Ishimine Format: 46-size, 188 pages Softcover Illustrations: Akane Iida
Published by Nanzansha (May 2022)

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