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About the Island

About the Island

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60 years of observing Yaeyama through the eyes of a bird and an insect!
A book by freelance journalist Hiroshi Moriguchi, author of the TV series "Ruri no Shima"

On a map, the islands look as small as the tip of a pin.
This is a compilation of Yaeyama reportage by the author of "Kobeggar," the original novel on which the TV series "Ruri no Shima" was based, which became a huge hit for vividly depicting the island's suffering and the resilient lives of the islanders.
The "language of the island" emerges from the depths of the written text...

Katsu Moriguchi

Born in Tokyo in 1937. Journalist. He became interested in Okinawa after meeting a high school student from Okinawa during his high school years. In 1959, he dropped out of university and became an Okinawa correspondent under US military rule, reporting the absurdity of Okinawa to mainland Japan. Even after Okinawa was returned to Japan, when it was said that the "Okinawa problem was over," he continued to confront Okinawa and frequently visited Yaeyama. He is also known as the original author of Akira Oze's long manga "Island of Light" and the TV series "Ruri no Shima."

Author: Moriguchi Format: 46-size, 322 pages, hardcover Special edition in a decorative box Includes 32 pages of photogravures Limited to 800 copies Illustration: Tetsuro Shimojima "Tsuki Numa Pirōma" *Contains many articles that have only been seen in Okinawan newspapers and magazines Published by Nanzansha (January 2021)

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