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Silent Cry: Senkaku Islands Wartime Disaster Incident

Silent Cry: Senkaku Islands Wartime Disaster Incident

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Senkaku Islands wartime shipwreck incident

At the end of the Pacific War, an evacuation ship bound for Taiwan, leaving Ishigaki Town, was hit by gunfire from a US military aircraft and was lost. One ship exploded and sank, resulting in many casualties. The people who barely survived were pulled onto the other ship, which was no longer able to sail, and washed ashore on Uotsuri Island in the Senkaku Islands, but there was no food and they faced starvation, disease, and death... This book is a valuable collection of records that captures the shipwreck from multiple angles and conveys it to future generations, including testimonies and personal accounts by survivors, related materials, and verification of the history that led to the incident. The survivors have testified by tracing memories they would rather not remember, but there are also people involved who have unhealed wounds and remain silent. As the title "Silent Scream" suggests, the true nature of the incident may lie in the silence that cannot be spoken. The war between nations has ended, but the war in each person's heart has not yet ended.

Senkaku Islands Wartime Disaster Memorial Monument Construction Project Promotion Committee Specifications: A5 size, soft cover, 244 pages Published by Nanzansha

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