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The Cultural Power of Iriomote Island - A Message from Venusians to Earthlings -

The Cultural Power of Iriomote Island - A Message from Venusians to Earthlings -

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"Islands with cultural power will never perish."

Ishigaki Kinsei One Volume Anthology

A collection of writings by Ishigaki Kinsei (born 1946-died 2022), who was the leader of the revitalization of Iriomote Island.
A heartfelt message from a self-proclaimed "native of Iriomote" urging people not to forget the island's language and songs.

Ishigaki Kinsei

Born on January 15, 1946 in Sonai, Iriomote Island, Yaeyama, Ryukyu.
Graduated from Iriomote Elementary School, Naha Junior High School, Shuri High School, and Juntendo University's Faculty of Physical Education.
He was a teacher at Urasoe Nakanishi Junior High School in 1968, and at Iriomote Junior High School from 1972 to 1975. He has served as director of Sonai Community Center, editorial committee member for the Taketomi Town History, and instructor for cultural property protection in Okinawa Prefecture.
After retiring from teaching, he led the island revitalization movement, promoting practice, information dissemination, and exchange.
He developed cultural movements such as the Iriomote Revitalization Society, Iriomote Yama University, and Kinsei Bunko. He supported his wife Akiko's dyeing and weaving at the "Kuro Kobo" and attempted the labor-saving "Pirachika sericulture." He promoted "Yamaneko Iniriomote Anshinmai" rice, which coexists with wildcats and the sea of ​​coral reefs.
The Iriomote Island Ecotourism Association was established ahead of other regions.
Armed with the sanshin, he engaged in a wide range of exchanges both within Japan and abroad regarding the traditional culture of Iriomote Island.
He passed away on June 30, 2022. His posthumous name was Shakkyosei.

Author: Kinsei Ishigaki
Format: B5 size, 176 pages Published by: Nanzansha (June 30, 2023)

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