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Water Resources of the Yaeyama Islands

Water Resources of the Yaeyama Islands

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- Changes in water use and water supply methods on high and low islands -

Islands where river water and groundwater are used,
Islands with undersea water sources and facilities, islands with underground dam plans, and islands with seawater desalination facilities.
A groundbreaking essay based on abundant data about the natural environment, life, and water resources.

Moriyoshi Higashida

Born in 1954 in Hateruma Island, Taketomi Town, Yaeyama District, Okinawa Prefecture
1977 Graduated from the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of the Ryukyus
1992 Completed the course at the Science Education Laboratory of Toyama University
1999: Received the 20th (1998) Okinawa Research Encouragement Award (Okinawa Association Foundation)
2012 Doctor of Science (Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Toyama University)
2015: Retired as a teacher at Okinawa Prefectural Yaeyama High School

Affiliated academic societies: Japanese Society of Groundwater Hydrology Japanese Speleological Society : "Isotopic characteristics of hydrogen and oxygen for groundwater of Nansei Islands, Japan." and many other publications : "Natural Waters of the Nansei Islands - Influence of Ocean, Air Mass, Geology and Human Activities"
(Border Ink, 2015)

Author: Moriyoshi Higashida Publisher: Nanzansha Book specifications: A5 size Number of pages: 272 pages

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