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To Kiwa. Flowers from my mother

To Kiwa. Flowers from my mother

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I cried every day, wanting to see him just once more, wanting to hear his voice once more.
And I continued to send letters, hoping that they would reach you.

A mother and daughter loved flowers. After losing her daughter in a traffic accident, the mother wrote her feelings on stationery with pictures of flowers on it and continued to send letters to her late daughter. This book makes you think about how to face and cope with the heavy reality of the death of a loved one and how to live your life from that point on.

Yoko Takenishi

Born in Sonai, Yonaguni Island, he grew up surrounded by nature. His experiences of living in close contact with nature during his time on Yonaguni led him to grow orchids and herbs. He currently grows and researches medicinal and useful plants in his herb garden, and is experimenting with various ways to utilize them in daily life and in the local area. He is a member of the Japan Herb Society.

Author: Hiroko Takanashi Specifications: B6 size, soft cover, 176 pages Publisher: Nanzansha

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