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Yaeyama Topography

Yaeyama Topography

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Yaeyama Mainichi Shimbun column "Discontinuous Line" 2002-2009 in one volume

A collection of exquisite columns that convey the charm of Yaeyama's culture, including its natural features, legends, folk songs, and history. Hoping for a "milk world," we think about Yaeyama's issues together with our readers.

Tetsuo Sunagawa

Born in 1946 in Yahata city, Fukuoka prefecture (now Kitakyushu city). A few years later, he moved to his parents' hometown of Miyakojima. In 1961, during the summer of his third year of junior high school, he moved to Ishigakijima. In 1969, he participated in the launch of the Yaeyama Local Culture Study Group (which changed its name to the current Yaeyama Culture Study Group in February 1972). In 1974, he participated in the launch of the literary coterie magazine Bara Bara, and was the editor and publisher of the first issue. In 1989, he launched his personal magazine Atoll, which ceased publication with the 10th issue in 2002. In 2005, he participated in the revival of the coterie magazine Hi-Sekai in Okinawa city. In 2009, he received the 25th Yaeyama Mainichi Culture Award (Main Prize) (sponsored by the Yaeyama Mainichi Shimbun).

Author: Tetsuo Sunagawa Specifications: B6 size, soft cover, 246 pages Publisher: Nanzansha

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