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Challengers to eradicate malaria

Challengers to eradicate malaria

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Winner of the 4th Zero Malaria Award!

A documentary about the life of Kuroshima Naonori, a quarantine inspector who worked to eradicate malaria in the Yaeyama Islands.

This non-fiction novel follows the footsteps of the quarantine inspector Kuroshima Naonori, who dedicated his life to eradicating malaria, and traces the journey of the people who tried to eradicate malaria in Yaeyama.

Haebaru Eiku

Born in Tonoshiro in 1924. After the war, he started out as a reporter for the local newspaper "Hainan Times" and served as the Yaeyama branch chief and Tokyo branch manager of "Okinawa Times". His books include "Newspapermen of the Southern Islands - Their Changes as Seen in the Materials" (published by Hirugisha in 1988). His novels have also been selected as preliminary entries for the Shincho Newcomer Award and the All Yomimono Newcomer Award.

Author: Haebaru Eiiku Specifications: B6 size, soft cover, 194 pages Publisher: Nanzansha

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