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History of Yaeyama Studies

History of Yaeyama Studies

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A book summarizing the research history and cultural situation of the Yaeyama region

The author, who has been involved in the regional history research of his hometown Yaeyama for over 30 years, provides an overview of domestic and international Yaeyama research and investigation since the modern era. It also includes "Study Group Memorandums" written mainly by the "Tokyo Yaeyama Culture Research Group" and the "Okinawa Yaeyama Culture Research Group," as well as the results of fieldwork on each island, "Records and Preservation," and "Perspectives on the War in Yaeyama."

Takeshi Miki

Born in Ishigakijima, Okinawa in 1940. After graduating from Yaeyama High School and Meiji University's School of Political Science and Economics, he joined the Ryukyu Shimpo newspaper in 1965 (Tokyo branch news department reporter). He served as head of the Political and Economic Department of the editorial department and then as director and editor-in-chief, and is currently a managing director. His main works include "Outline of the Iriomote Coal Mine," "Modern Yaeyama People's History," "People Researching Yaeyama," "Resort Development," and "Okinawa Travelogue."

Author: Ken Miki Specifications: B6 size, soft cover, 278 pages Publisher: Nanzansha

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