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The World of Miyara Nagakane

The World of Miyara Nagakane

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Nagakane Miyara and the poets who supported his songs

The first chapter is about Nagatsune's life, written based on new materials, while the second chapter contains newly discovered material about "Arashi no Uta/Arashi no Kyoku" and "Miyara Bridge no Uta," as well as information about the school principal who selected Nagatsune, Kihachiro Wada, and the testimony of former nurse Tomiko Yakahisa, who was with Nagatsune at the end. The third chapter focuses on the poets who supported Nagatsune's songs (Nobumitsu Ohama, Eiji Kinjo, Takao Miyara, Yusho Izumikuni, Takaji Miyara, Shizuko Miyazato, and Shigeyoshi Kitamura), and approaches Nagatsune's songs from the world of songwriting. Includes "Miyara Nagatsune Chronology" and "List of Miyara Nagatsune's Works."

Takeshi Miki

Born in Ishigakijima, Okinawa in 1940. After graduating from Yaeyama High School and Meiji University's School of Political Science and Economics, he joined the Ryukyu Shimpo newspaper in 1965 (Tokyo branch news department reporter). He served as head of the Political and Economic Department of the editorial department and then as director and editor-in-chief, and is currently a managing director. His main works include "Outline of the Iriomote Coal Mine," "Modern Yaeyama People's History," "People Researching Yaeyama," "Resort Development," and "Okinawa Travelogue."

Author: Ken Miki Specifications: B6 size, soft cover, 302 pages Publisher: Nanzansha

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