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Island Calendar

Island Calendar

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Haiku essays that touch on the seasons and flora and fauna unique to a subtropical island

The author has worked at weather stations and meteorological observatories, and is deeply interested not only in weather, but also in the changing seasons specific to the subtropics, the ecology of plants and animals, the connection between the movement of the stars and agricultural work, and a wide range of other topics. This book is a compilation of the things that interested him in his daily life, and new discoveries and impressions he made, and it also touches on the lifestyles and ingenuity of Yaeyama's ancestors, the wisdom gained from their experiences, and dialects that are no longer heard today. The content, backed by a keen observational eye, is sure to satisfy readers who are interested in the unique nature and culture of Yaeyama. It is divided into three parts: "The Island's Seasonal Calendar," "A Walk Through the Nature of the Southern Islands," and "Reference Materials (Yaeyama Seasonal Calendar)."

Yuzuru Masaki

Born in 1934 in the official residence of the Tonoshiro Meteorological Observatory in Ishigaki City. After graduating from high school, he worked at meteorological stations in various parts of Yaeyama and the prefecture. He also served as chairman of the Yaeyama Meiwa Great Tsunami Research Association. At 87 years old, he still has the enthusiasm to continue his lifelong observations and records. His books include "Tropic of Cancer" and "Almanac of the Islands".

Author: Masaki Yuzuru Format: B6 size, 238 pages Published by Nanzansha, July 2020

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