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Yonaguni Island History - The southern gateway to East Asia -

Yonaguni Island History - The southern gateway to East Asia -

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This is a book introducing Yonaguni Island, following "The Border Island: A History of Yonaguni Island - Digging into its Modern Era" by Miyara.
Two natives of Yonaguni Island who are proud of their island will introduce little-known facts about the island.

"This book teaches us that this island has even more distinctive features within the distinctive region of the Ryukyu Islands. It draws us in with one fascinating story after another, not only about the island's nature and history, but also about the lives of the people. In the chapter introducing the island's unique arithmetic method, I was fascinated to learn that such a way of counting existed. I was also impressed by how this arithmetic method emerged and developed in conjunction with labor."

Yuzo Kato (Professor Emeritus, University of the Ryukyus)

Saku Miyara
Born in Nantamura, Yonaguni Island in 1927 (Showa 2). Registered domicile: Yonaguni 217, Yonaguni-cho. Following his father, he moved to Taiwan in the summer of 1937, when he was in the fourth year of Yonaguni Elementary School, and completed his first year at Futaba Elementary School in Keelung City and the old high school (Taipei Imperial University preparatory school). After Japan's defeat in the war, he returned to Tokyo and graduated from Chuo University.
He was denied a passport to his hometown Okinawa during the US military occupation, and served as a city council member in Komae Town, Tokyo for four terms and 16 years. After that, in April 1971, when the restrictions on passports were almost lifted, he returned to his hometown in the situation before the signing of the Okinawa Reversion Agreement. After that, he worked at the Okinawa Liaison Office of the National Diet Citizens Group. He then served as a member of the Okinawa Prefectural Assembly for eight years.
His works include the Okinawa anti-war "picture story" book, "Konan Maru and the Boys of Okinawa," "Forgetful Stones - Okinawa and War Malaria," and "Give Me Back My Little Brother - Letters from Love," which he co-published with his wife, Eiko. He also has the documentary magazines "Records of the Battle of Okinawa: The Japanese Army and War Malaria" and "Yonaguni Island History - Digging into Its Modern Times."
Won the Grand Prize in the Lyrics category at the 14th Dunan Sungkani Competition (2017).

Junichiro Miyara
Born in Yonaguni Island in 1949 (Showa 24). Graduated from Okayama University of Science (Applied Mathematics Department) in March 1973. He began his teaching career as a mathematics teacher at Kuroshima Junior High School in April 1973, and served as a teacher for 37 years, retiring in March 2010 with his last teaching position at Ishigaki Elementary School. Since then, he has served as chairman of the Yaeyama Mathematics Education Research Association (commonly known as the Yaimasu Association), secretary general of the Association for Passing Down the Tales of War Malaria in Yaeyama, and secretary general of the Yaeyama District Residents' Association for Considering Children and Textbooks. His books include the mathematics education books "Learning and Teaching Materials" and "In Search of Ways to Learn." He compiled the posthumous manuscripts of his father, Miyara Hozen, and published "Folk Songs and Life on Yonaguni Island."

Eiko Miyara (maiden name: Fujisaki)
Born in Nogata, Fukuoka Prefecture in 1935 (Showa 10). Graduated from Musashino Art University. Member of the Japan Art Association, the Artists Peace Conference, and the Japan Art Association, and adviser to the Okinawa Women Artists Association. Vice-chair of the Okinawa Peace Art Exhibition, and recipient of the Okinawa Prefecture Cultural Merit Award in 2005. Has held over 20 solo exhibitions in Naha, Miyako, Ishigaki, and other areas, including "Atomic Bomb Drawings, Organized by Maruki Art Museum" in 2014, and "Life," an organized solo exhibition at the Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum in 2016.
Her books include "Okinawa - A Collection of Miyara Eiko's Works," and she has also created the bronze statues "Statue of the Roar of the Sea" (located in Naminoue Park, Naha City) and "Song of the Bottom of the Water" (located in Yamakawa Town, Kagoshima Prefecture).

Author: Miyara, Junichiro Miyara Illustrations: Eiko Miyara Publisher: Nanzansha Publication date: June 23, 2017 Format: A5 (hardcover)
Number of pages: 216

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